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Microsoft Azure SQL-PASS

Epic Cloud Learning is a well-established training institute for Microsoft Azure SQL, we provide both online and offline training for the students in various locations in India and Abroad (US,UK,Singapore). We are the pioneers in the Microsoft Azure SQL Online Training in Noida.


Microsoft Azure SQL is for Freshers, Developers who are having knowledge on .Net and Java Technologies. We have trained more than 1000 students in India and Abroad on Microsoft Azure SQL.

Module 1. Introduction to SQL Databases inAzure
Module 2. Azure SQL Security and Compliance
Module 3. Database Platform Continuum
Module 4. Azure PAAS Vs IAAS
Module 5. Azure SQL PAAS
Module 6. Database Availability and Backups
Module 7. Build the First Azure SQL DB - PAAS
Module 8. Allowing Inbound connectivity toSQL DB
Module 9. Connect to Azure SQL with SQLManagement Studio ( LAB )
Module 10. Connect to Azure SQL withMicrosoft Excel ( LAB )
Module 11. Export Database to Blob Storage (LAB )
Module 12. Import Database from BACPACFiles in BLOB storage ( LAB )
Module 13. Learn to Verify the state of Exportand Import of Azure SQL DB( LAB )
Module 14. Copying the Azure SQL DB /Snapshots
Module 15. Verify Azure SQL DB CopyOperation (LAB)
Module 16. Azure SQL - Metrics and Monitoring(LAB)
Module 17. Scaling Azure SQL
Module 18. GeoReplication - Maintainingredundancy for Azure SQL
Module 19. Geo-Replication - Initiate Failover
Module 20. Did Failover Work? Lets Verify
Module 21. Connection Strings to SQL
Module 22. Sync Azure SQL DB to otherDatabases - Part I
Module 23. Sync Azure SQL DB to otherDatabases - Part II
Module 24. Sync Azure SQL DB to other Databases - Part III
Module 25. Sync Azure SQL DB to otherDatabases - Part IV
Module 26. Dynamic Data Masking
Module 27. Azure SQL Security : Advanced Threat Protection
Module 28. Data Discovery and Classification
Module 29. Vulnerability assesment for AzureSQL
Module 30. Threat Detection
Module 31. Auditing MS Azure SQL
Module 32. Transparent Data Encryption - TDE


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